Wednesday, November 28, 2012


As rewarding as it is to stay home with kiddos, there is also a truth that it can be isolating.  After so many hours of only talking to children, I can sometimes feel myself going a bit batty.  It's as though one more whiny request will totally send me over the edge.  When this happens I find the best thing to do is get out and see other people.

I have my treasured group of Mama friends.  We've been together since Milo was just a wee one and it's been so wonderful to see the kids grow as friends.   The Mamas, too, have grown in friendships and it's these women I depend on to keep me going at times.  We chat online, we meet at parks, we invite one another into our homes for play dates and once a month or so we meet for drinks sans children.  Milo and I both count this group as some of our favorite people.

Today, in a bit of a departure from our usual routine, we went to local coffee shop and saw some of my former co-workers.  I had almost forgotten about the part of employment where you see the same people everyday, work in close quarters and get to know their good and bad sides.  It was such a treat to see a couple of these folks, catch up and remember this.

People need people, after all.

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