Monday, November 26, 2012


In trying to reclaim the space in my fridge all the leftovers from Thanksgiving were taking up, I made a concerted effort to use everything today.  It wasn't getting any fresher after all.  Plus we are planning another large meal this weekend when we celebrate an early Christmas with Chris' parents.

So mission leftover:  I made these delicious muffins this afternoon.  And then I promptly ate at least two of them.  The filling of the muffins is leftover cranberry sauce and it is super yummy wrapped up in cake.  If you make the recipe be warned that it only makes about 6 (mine made 8) muffins.  Also the batter is incredibly thick.  I subbed some whole wheat flour, but otherwise left the recipe as is.  So good!

Then for dinner tonight I made a turkey shepherd's pie (loosely following that recipe - basically I didn't use as much stock and then sprinkled butter and cheese over the top).  I didn't know how it would go with the family, but it was a hit.  Even Milo ate it and requested I make it again one day.   Plus it used up almost all the leftover mashed potatoes (still have some to make potato pancakes) and all the turkey.

So the leftovers are almost all gone.  I may need to just eat a big salad for my next couple of meals.

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