Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have this fantasy.  It starts in a dark and quiet hotel room.  It pretty much ends there too.  Oh sure, I would throw in a beach, some champagne and lots of time to do just what I want to do, but pretty much the fantasy is being in a quiet room by myself.  With no one else there who needs anything from me.  I would read, I would sleep, I would exercise, I would yoga, I would sleep some more, I would eat delicious and healthy food prepared by someone else, I would sip cool bubbly champagne, I would drink strong coffee while it was still hot.  After that I would start the routine all over again.  All of this in quiet.  It would be amazing.

It sounds like a vacation this fantasy of mine, but because it is fantasy there are none of the drawbacks to actual travel.  No scheduling the time away, no busy airports, just the sweet expectation of quiet, solitude and relaxation.

I would, of course, come back from this fantasy.  After a day or two of quiet I am sure I would be ready to return to my sweet and loud boys.  And as long as this is all fantasy, I would also return to a totally decluttered and clean house.

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TheKate said...

I did this once and have been hoping to make it happen again. 36 hours to just be yourself is enough to last, um, about 2 years. That is a whole lot of showers and naps and books!