Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Christmas Season Has Begun

Although I am typically a wait until after Thanksgiving is over before even thinking about Christmas type of girl, we have started a little early this year.  First it was just a few gifts I would buy for the boys when I saw them on sale.  Then it was the Winter Fun List.  And finally last night we attended the tree lighting of a local mall.  While we missed the actual tree lighting due to traffic and parking difficulties, we did catch the end of the parade.  I loved the parade with big balloons of reindeer and giant ginger bread men.  There were people on stilts dressed as Christmas trees and lots of festive music.  The fun atmosphere put me right in the holiday spirit (of consumerism at least).  Milo, however, did not like the loud speaker, the fire works or the general commotion.  He walked around with his hands over his ears until we made our way to a quieter portion of the outdoor mall.  Once there he enjoyed the lights plus it was close to the Lego store.

In spite of the crowds and the evening not going exactly as planned, we had a wonderful family night.  Everyone held it together and we enjoyed not only the holiday atmosphere  but also being with one another.  There must have been some type of Christmas miracle too because Leo actually slept though the night once we were home!

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