Friday, November 23, 2012

The Video Monitor

In our rather small house a baby monitor is probably not necessary.  I can hear any noise coming from the crib - whether it be baby coos and full on screaming - wherever in the house I happen to be.  It's simply hard to get too far from the nursery in our house.  So a monitor for sound only would be totally beside the point.  We have a video monitor though and I love it.  I can watch to see what is going on in the crib rather than just hearing it.  Sometimes Leo is happily cruising around the crib or looking at a book and I would never know that if I didn't have the video monitor.  Other times I have known to rush in because he had an arm stuck between the rails.  A video monitor is a nicety, not a necessity, but when Leo smashed his the other day I started looking to how most cost effectively replace it.  Chris fixed ours, but I think I would have a bought one if needed.  For me it is worth it to watch my baby sleep and peek in on him whenever I want without disturbing him.

So Black Friday shoppers:  the video monitor is one purchase I would suggest making.

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