Monday, November 19, 2012


In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, tapas means a fiery discipline.  When I hear this term, though, all I can think of is happy hour with lovely little plates of delicious food.  And that right there may be why my yoga teacher trainer didn't seem to like me much.

In spite of my natural inclinations running to drinking, napping and consuming copious calories, I've been trying to the instill a little more tapas into my life.  I've completed two weeks of 5k training and I am feeling great about it!  I am doing a couch to 5k program.  The gradual buildups of distance and speed have kept me motivated and feeling positive.  At least three times per week I have been hitting the pavement.  Today I wasn't feeling great due to too little sleep, but I still loaded the kids into the car and took the chance of a dropping them off at the gym daycare.  This is hit or miss, but today it was totally a hit.  They had fun playing and I got my run in.  Win win.

I'm not only working hard to cultivate this tapas spirit for me, but for my kiddos too.  When Milo sees me heading out the door to "practice for my race" as he calls my workouts, he is learning that everything we want to be good at takes practice.  Accomplishments don't come easily.  To achieve a goal we need to have a fiery discipline to take us across the finish line.  Only then can we enjoy happy hour.

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