Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keep Moving

Goals are meant to be met and fears tackled - whether they be frog or blog related.
At the beginning of the month when I said I would post each day, I wasn't sure how it would go.  I undertook this task as a way to breathe life back into this blog, to recommit myself to it and to improve my writing skills.  I am proud to say that I did post each day - even if there were several days where I changed the dates of posts to make this possible.  I am not proud to say I don't think I much improved my writing skills.  Many of the posts were rushed.  Several of the posts were phoned in.  A few of the posts were even somewhat incoherent.

So, yes, I completed my goal of posting each day for a month and that's great, but I also am feeling I didn't meet the spirit of the goal.  I do find I like writing here (although I think my Mom and brother - hi guys! - are the main audience) and will continue to use this space to update on the boys, work out my thoughts and possibly tackle some writing type prompts.

Also?  I'm rather glad November is over.  I'll commit to weekly posts from here on out, but daily is just too much for me right now.

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